Orion I

101th King of North West of England and the Pennines.
Reign 29th December 2067 -
Coronation 29th December 2067
Predecessor Molly I
Heir apparent Peter Abram
Spouse Erica I

Peter Abram

Olivia Abram

House style="vertical-align:top;" The House of Abram |The House of Kershaw, The House of Lloyd, The House of Lawton, The House of Fairclough, The House of Duckworth, The House of Grant, Moore, Sherwood and Dalton
Father Cameron I
Mother Molly I
Born 1st September 2020

Chorley, United Kingdom

Religion Roman Catholic

Orion Alexander Abram is the eldest son of Molly I and Cameron I and second in line to the throne of the North-West of England. He is one of the main characters in Wild Fangs: Next Generation, who tries the find his younger brother, Tobias Abram through out the North West.

Orion was born in Royal Preston Hospital as the first great-great-great grandchild of Peter I and Helena Lawton.

Wild Fangs : The Final Act Edit

In the end, Orion becomes King after Cameron I and Molly I decide to abdicate the throne for a peaceful and happy life with their family. Orion is thrilled as he and Ericia are to be King and Queen after years of waiting around. Orion is told that he can't be the head of the family til his father dies. Orion gives the crown to Tobias Abram.

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